Share-ify offers customers a robust enterprise solution combined with a best-in-class service team that can answer your business questions every day by phone or email. No more complex spreadsheets or searching through thousands of emails in your inbox, fax machine, voicemail, or shipping office for important data and documents. Let Share-ify assist your company with better managing your vendor information.
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Save Time, Resources, Money, and Mitigate Supply Chain Safety Risks.

Gain easy access to critical documentation, a collaboration space with staff and partners, and opportunities to build relationships and new business.

A Better Way of Doing Business

The supply chain is becoming ever more complex against a backdrop of increasing regulations. Keeping track of audits and sending emails to correspond is not enough. Spending countless hours managing papers is a waste of valuable time and resources.

Be Audit Ready with Streamlined Record-Keeping

Make it easier than ever before to comply with international, federal, state, and local regulations. Companies from around the world have a lot to manage.

Today’s companies need something easy to use to manage documents, contracts, forms, product specifications, reports, and so much more.

In addition, Industry specific regulations and standards, such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), and Foreign Supplier Verification (FSV) compliance requirements, require companies to provide immediate access to documents, standard practices, and preventative controls for public safety.

Regardless of industry, Share-ify can help you spend less time managing paper and allow you more time to manage your business.

  • Mitigate risks by leveraging Share-ify’s private online professional network to send and receive mandated documentation and information from trading partners.
  • Receive notifications of upcoming expirations or changes in requirements, and take proactive action to stay current.
  • Measure Real-Time Key Performance Metrics such as specification parameters to improve Food Safety Processes.
  • Leverage proactive, preventative measures like scorecarding, training, and written programs through Share-ify and much more.
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Time, Cost, and Resource Savings

Consolidate your supplier and data management on the Share-ify platform to ease demands on time and personnel.

  • Eliminate manual & duplicative processes to keep all relevant parties up to date with a few quick clicks.
  • Resolve issues as they arise with instant incidence reporting, and compliance-related notifications to avoid bigger problems down the line.
  • Identify potential red flags in safety programs to drive continuous improvement.
  • Get immediate updates from certification bodies that can directly upload results to be audit-ready at any time without any additional resources necessary.
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Simplified Sharing, Transparency, and Building Relationships

Market your company’s services within the Share-ify network to build mutually beneficial relationships with Collaboration Partners to promote transparency and clear communications, both internally and between partners.

  • Access thousands of potential trading partners and customers across the supply chain spectrum. Share information seamlessly and securely in one place within your organization internally and with multiple partners, suppliers, and their clients.
  • Maintain contacts when your contact transitions to a new role. Share-ify helps ensure you are not left behind. Your “rolodex” and communications are secure within Share-ify.
  • Opt for advanced features that drive sustainable performance improvements and further strengthen relationships with supply chain partners. “Hub” subscriptions give you, even more, visibility to identify companies that meet both client-specific and regulatory standards.
  • Make quicker, more informed decisions by accessing online conversations with partners and suppliers around complaints, inspections, non-compliance, audits, product evaluation, and more. Now information will not get buried in your regular email inbox.
  • Gain a Strategic Competitive Advantage and Increase Business by demonstrating to your customers you are continuously and actively managing your supply chain network.
  • Build your brand as a company that is proactive, responsive, and quick to comply and share.
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