About Us

As a private business network, Share-ify brings companies together throughout the world to share and exchange valuable business information to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

With a vast network spanning over 20,000 companies across all habitable continents, Share-ify enables the seamless exchange of business information between trading partners. Share-ify subscribers exchange contact information, product information, food safety and quality assurance information, supply chain information, traceability information, audit information, product recall information, and more. Our platform simplifies everyday commerce by providing a secure and private environment for companies to connect and share crucial information.

At Share-ify, we prioritize data security and confidentiality. We ensure that your information remains private by not publishing any data to search engines or selling any data to third parties. Your data belongs to you. Offering a convenient alternative to email, postal mail, and proprietary systems for exchanging business information between trading partners, Share-ify serves as a user-friendly central hub for companies seeking to simplify the complexities of commerce.

Our Mission

Share-ify’s mission is to connect companies and allow them to be more productive and successful together.

The Solution

Vendor & Supplier Management along with Customer Relations Management has been segregated for too long when both must be managed seamlessly.

Share-ify offers you a single location to manage both. The volume and complexity of up-to-date company and business partner information from customers and vendors requires an ongoing, extremely time-consuming strain on internal resources. Share-ify provides a private online professional network for maintaining all the details and documents related to Supplier & Vendor Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Share-ify subscribers can now manage Regulatory Compliance, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Occupational Hazard, Supply Chain Management, Food Safety, and Regulatory Standards all in one place with both customers and suppliers.

Share-ify saves time and reduces the effort across companies to manage and exchange information between all their trading partners. Trading partners use Share-ify to standardize and streamline supply chain communications across multiple sites and geographic regions, to clearly communicate business requirements and expectations, to store and share required documentation, and to quickly resolve supply chain issues.

Maintaining a great customer-facing brand experience starts behind the scenes. This means that each and every standard, specification, audit, and touchpoint has the potential to impact your customer’s brand experience. When you need to manage thousands of data points across several locations, it’s time to streamline how you regulate your documentation for standards, specifications, and policies.

Share-ify takes your document management to the next level. Simply upload as many documents you wish, select relevant connections to share with and now your business partners can see your information on Share-ify’s platform. This creates a “single source of truth” across your whole business, bringing consistency to your brand and standards compliance.

Share-ify’s platform also allows companies to more fully integrate with trading partners throughout the supply chain with Mobile Product Inspections. Through the use of a tablet device, companies can take pictures and evaluate attributes based on the specific product. Different questions arise for Food vs Non-Food or Apples vs Chicken. Each Inspection can be tailored to your companies exact requirements and be based upon Industry or Government based standards programs.

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How it Works

Share-ify helps companies comply with Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations and enables continuous real-time information exchange.

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Upload Once

Share-ify facilitates the collection of self-reported information from suppliers and maintains it in a centralized database online. The information uploaded is configured to meet regulatory, buyer, and industry standards.

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Share With Many

Now you can share information via Share-ify's private online professional network that only authorized partners can access including “one step back” requirements to meet regulatory statutes. In a few clicks, simply select partners you would like to share with and specify what documentation you'd like to provide, then submit. You control who can see, access, or add to your information.

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Grow Your Business

With thousands of companies on one platform that meet stipulated requirements, requests for proposals are even easier. Expand your network to thousands of companies using Share-ify that demonstrate they comply through documentation available on demand.

Subscribed companies and their suppliers are provided with marketing and networking opportunities to increase their visibility to others across various industries.

Companies want to do business with an organization that demonstrates they are a priority. Now your trading partners have multiple tools that enable transparency. Receiving real-time information on business issues so you can respond immediately demonstrates your attentiveness to customers and your professionalism as a trading partner.

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